GE Renewable Energy to supply seven 60MW turbines for NHPC in Cameroon

GE Renewable Energy has secured $87m contract from Nachtigal Hydro Power Company (NHPC) to provide seven 60MW Francis turbines for the new Nachtigal hydropower plant in Cameroon.

The 420MW Nachtigal hydropower plant owned and operated by NHPC is expected to be constructed on the Sanaga River near the Nachtigal Falls, located approximately 65kms away from the capital city of Cameroon.

The government of Republic of Cameroon, EDF, International Finance Corporation, Africa 50 and STOA jointly owns the NHPC.

Nachtigal power plant is expected to cover 30% of the country’s electricity demand, producing an annual output of approximately 3TWh.

The project is expected to be implemented with Elecnor in the consortium led by GE Renewable Energy and would secure an additional and reliable source of electricity for the country.

GE said that its hydro teams will take charge for the whole coordination of the project, including the design, the manufacturing, the erection supervision and the commissioning of the turbines and generators, the control system and the mechanical Balance of Plant.

Under the agreement, Elecnor has agreed to supply, manufacture, install and commission the electrical Balance of Plant, the high voltage substations. They will also manage the power house finishing works as well as the erection on site.

The contract is expected to be managed by GE Renewable Energy’s Centers of Excellence located in Belfort, Grenoble in France and Tianjin in China.

GE hydro solutions president & CEO Pascal Radue said: “Nachtigal hydropower plant is one of the pillars supporting the energy development plan that is implemented in Cameroon. We are proud to support the country in this significant transformation and work closely with Nachtigal Hydro Power Company.

“When the plant is fully in operation in 2023, the population will benefit from a facilitated, improved and sustainable access to renewable electricity.”

In December 2017, the GE Renewable Energy was selected by ATIAIA ENERGIA to commission two Small Hydropower plants: Areado plant on Indaiá Grande river, and Bandeirante plant on Sucuriú river, both in Mato Grosso do Sul State in Brazil.