Pforzheim/Munich, December 5, 2018 – From clean electricity and heat generation to storage to distribution, innovative solutions and projects are honored each year with the prestigious energy industry prizes The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD. Start-ups, established companies, institutions and project owners are invited to submit their entries for the 2019 AWARDS online from December 3, 2018 to February 28, 2019.

The success of renewable energies and the new energy world depends on the work of national and international players whose groundbreaking products and solutions will help accelerate the transition to a clean, modern energy industry. These pioneers and their innovative technologies and projects are honored each year by The smarter E AWARD, Intersolar AWARD and ees AWARD as part of the innovation platform The smarter E. The finalists and winners enjoy a range of advantages. Extensive marketing before, during and after the exhibition boosts their profile considerably, drawing the attention of exhibition attendees as well as the national and international media. This allows the finalists and winners to stand out from the competition by positioning themselves as leaders in
technology. It also helps attract new customers, partners and investors – also a major advantage for start-ups – thanks in particular to the networking opportunities offered by the AWARD Ceremony, which will be held at 5:00pm on May 15, 2019 at The smarter E Europe Forum in Munich.

Previous AWARD winners are still reaping the benefits

For the start-up ready2plugin, winning The smarter E AWARD 2018 was certainly profitable. “It’s incredible to see how much momentum we gained after winning – and it hasn’t let up even now. Both the award itself and the reaction we met with confirmed to us that experts and market players value our technology as a major step towards democratizing the energy transition,” said Markus Vietzke, CEO of ready2plugin. The collaboration between Unlimited Energy Australia and TESVOLT is also a perfect example of the potential offered by the AWARD Ceremony in Munich. The two companies crossed paths at the 2017 ceremony and subsequently joined forces to set up an avocado farm in Australia powered entirely by renewable energies – a project which won them The smarter E
AWARD 2018. “We’re honored to have received The smarter E AWARD 2018 in the Outstanding Projects category. The prize has underlined the importance of energy independence in remote areas and helped us to promote decentralized energy options in Australia and worldwide,” says George Zsolt Zombori, CEO of Unlimited Energy Australia. Daniel Hannemann, CEO and founder of TESVOLT, adds: “These awards are the Oscars for renewable energy projects around the world. Our project allowed us to show people around the world what modern technology can do. We’ve shown that it’s possible to have a power supply drawn entirely from renewable sources.”

The three renowned AWARDs at a glance


Introduced in 2018, The smarter E AWARD shines a spotlight on solutions and concepts that draw on renewable energy, decentralization, and digitalization to intelligently connect all aspects of energy in the electricity, heating and transportation sectors. The Smart Renewable Energy category honors outstanding, innovative business models and pioneering solutions in the cross-sector area, while the Outstanding Projects category recognizes realized projects undertaken in the areas of solar, storage, energy management and clean transportation.


The Intersolar AWARD has existed for over a decade and is now seen as the solar industry’s flagship award. It focuses on pioneering photovoltaic technologies, products and services that are propelling the worldwide success of solar energy. The award not only reflects international trends, but also provides new impulses for the development of the solar industry.


Since 2014, the ees AWARD pays tribute to pioneering products and solutions for stationary and mobile electrical energy storage systems. The range of innovations encompasses the entire valueadded chain of innovative battery and energy storage technologies – from components to concrete applications and business models.

Enter the 2019 AWARDs now

The AWARDs are open to all exhibitors at the global Intersolar, ees, Power2Drive and EM-Power events held in 2019, as well as exhibitors at Intersolar South America and India 2018. The Outstanding Projects category of The smarter E AWARD is also open to owners of complete installations and systems. The application period begins on December 3, 2018. Eligible companies and project owners have until February 28, 2019 to submit their applications online via the AWARD Portal.

More information on the AWARDS can be found at:
• The smarter E AWARD: www.TheSmarterE-award.com
• Intersolar AWARD: www.intersolar-award.com
• ees AWARD: www.ees-award.com

About The smarter E

The smarter E, the world’s leading exhibition and conference series for the new energy world, forms an umbrella
for events and topics that drive the new energy world. Digitalization and decentralization are changing the face
of the energy world for good, and the steady rise in electricity from volatile and renewable sources requires new
concepts and solutions for generating, storing, distributing and using energy efficiently. As innovation platform,
The smarter E unites exhibitions and conferences on four continents that take a depth look at these topics.

Intersolar, the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry and its partners, has been dedicated to solar
energy for 27 years and has established itself as the industry’s most important platform. It focuses on the areas
of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar power plants, and solutions for integrating renewable energies.
ees, the leading exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems, is the industry hotspot for suppliers,
manufacturers, distributors, and users of stationary electrical energy storage solutions as well as battery system
along the entire value chain.

Power2Drive, the international exhibition for charging infrastructure and e-mobility, showcases electric mobility
and charging solutions, and technologies and reflects the interaction between electric vehicles and a sustainable
and environmentally friendly energy supply.

EM-Power, the exhibition for intelligent energy use in industry and buildings, is the exhibition where professional
energy customers – with their demand for efficient energy technologies, intelligent control systems and energy
savings – and the key concepts underpinning the energy transition in industry and the building sector take center

More information on The smarter E can be found at:
The smarter E Europe: www.TheSmarterE.de
The smarter E South America: www.TheSmarterE.com.br
The smarter E India: www.TheSmarterE.in

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