105 MW solar plant comes online in Jordan

Jordan Prime Minister Hani Fawzi Al-Mulki has opened the 105MW Quweira solar power plant in the Kingdom of Jordan.

For the construction of the solar power plant, autonomous foreign aid agency Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) has provided AED550m ($150m).

ADFD director general Mohammed Saif Al Suwaidi said: “ADFD’s involvement in the Quweira Solar Power Plant project is in line with its active assistance to the Kingdom of Jordan with which the UAE enjoys time-tested bilateral ties.

The Quweira solar power plant features 328,320 photovoltaic panels, which is expected to annually produce 227GWh of solar power over a period of 20 years.

The power generated from the plant will be sufficient to illuminate 50,000 homes in the region.

The plant also features electrical switches, a medium voltage and signal cable system, transformers and all required equipment to connect the plant to the national power grid.

Suwaidi added: “In line with its focus on inclusive social and economic development across developing countries, ADFD has prioritised renewable energy as a catalyst for growth, enabling the provision of clean, reliable and affordable power that boosts incomes and enhances energy security.”

The solar project is said to have created 1,000 jobs during the construction phase and is set to provide 30 permanent jobs to operate and maintain the site.

The Quweira solar power plant is said to be in line with the Jordanian Government’s objective of generating 20% of energy from renewables by early-2020.