Ørsted Goes Large-Scale with UK Battery Storage Project

Danish power company Orsted has announced its first large-scale battery storage project, one year after the company announced it would enter the market.

The Cargegie Road battery storage project, under development in the UK near Liverpool, is expected to come online at the end of 2018 and will help manage grid stability.

“We’re excited to develop this project,” said Ryan O’Keefe, head of energy storage & solar at Orsted. “As batteries have a very high frequency response capability we believe they’ll play an important role in providing services for the support of the stability of the power grid. The demand for these services is likely to grow in the UK as the country is expected to decommission large parts of its carbon-based generation fleet and introduce more renewables generation.”

Orsted purchased the development from Shaw Energi, which will continue to support the project.

Orsted pledged it would shift away from coal, oil and gas in 2017 and toward renewable energy including offshore wind, biomass and other waste-to-energy solutions when it changed its name from DONG Energy.