ABB delivers microgrid solution for off grid mining operations in Australia

Swiss technology company ABB has deployed its containerised micro-grid solution with the battery energy storage system in Australia.

The order for the micro-grid solution was placed by energy storage solution provider Kokam to ensure a continuous power supply for off-grid mining operations from a gas-fired power plant.

The new micro-grid solution is a 30MW battery energy storage system and is reported to be the largest of its kind that has been deployed to support a gas-fired power plant.

ABB’s micro-grid solution has been designed to support Alinta Energy’s Newman Power Station located 1,200km north of Perth, Western Australia, and supplies power to remote mining operations in Pilbara.

ABB grid automation business unit head Massimo Danieli said: “Microgrids and energy storage are key focus areas in our Next Level strategy, supporting our quest to provide grid stability, fuel savings, and bring reliable power to people while reducing environmental impact, as exemplified by this project.”

The microgrid solution serves as a power backup solution to the mining site in Pilbara in case of any failures at the gas-fired power plant.

ABB’s modular and containerised micro-grid will be integrating five 6MW ABB Ability PowerStore Battery energy storage systems with the power station’s existing gas turbines, providing a ‘spinning reserve’.

The Swiss company further noted that it has also supplied a wide range of transformers and switchgear to integrate the system.