PSEG Nuclear’s Hope Creek Generating Station Begins Refueling Outage and Sets New Records

The 1,218-MW Hope Creek Generating Station in Salem County, New Jersey was taken offline for its regularly-scheduled maintenance and refueling outage after setting a new plant record for 517 days online.

Additionally, Hope Creek achieved a breaker-to-breaker run – in other words, non-stop operations – from November 11, 2016 to its shutdown on April 13. In that time, Hope Creek produced 10.6 million MWh of electricity.

“Concentrating on safe, event-free operations and our equipment reliability helped Hope Creek set these records and a new standard for excellence,” said Pete Sena, PSEG

Nuclear President and Chief Nuclear Officer. “This success is the direct result of our dedicated employees who work around the clock to keep the power flowing for New Jersey and the region.”

During the outage, employees will replace a quarter of the reactor’s fuel and perform 14,000 inspections, tests and maintenance activities. Approximately 1,000 contractors will join the regular staff.