OG&E completes Mustang Energy Centre in Oklahoma, US

With the installation of seven new natural gas units, Oklahoma Gas and Electric has completed the transformation of the Mustang Power Plant into the Mustang Energy Center.

The Mustang Power Plant was constructed in 1950 near Oklahoma City, and its gas generation grew to 432 MW by the early 1970s. OG&E decided to replace the old units with Siemens 66-MW generators that can reach peak power in 10 minutes, compared to up to 22 hours for the old units.

‚ÄúReplacing the units at Mustang was far less expensive than adding a new power plant to our existing fleet,” said Sean Trauschke, chairman, president and CEO of OG&E. “Mustang Energy Center embodies our belief that a diverse energy mix is essential to delivering affordable and reliable power. As the home to modern, natural gas-fired units and Oklahoma’s first universal solar farm, the Center plays an important role in the future of balancing grid reliability and renewable energy sources.