FS Bioenergia plans to build $308m corn-only ethanol plant in Brazil

FS Bioenergia is planning to build a corn-based ethanol plant in Mato Grosso, Brazil, with an investment of R$1bn ($308m).

The corn-only ethanol plant, which will be the FS Bioenergia’s second of its kind in the country, is expected to have production capacity of 680 million liters of ethanol per year.

Expected to generate more than 1,500 direct and indirect jobs, the corn-based ethanol plant will use biomass from a 30,000ha eucalyptus forest.

The project will also have an estimated annual cogeneration capacity of 170,000MWh which is enough to meet the demand power needs of 70,000 inhabitants.

FS Bioenergia said: “With a larger area than the first plant of ethanol, which is produced exclusively from Lucas do Rio Verde corn, the plant will extend the FS Bioenergia performance in the state of Mato Grosso and in Brazil, producing more than the double of the ethanol, DDGS and energy current levels.”

FS Bioenergia commissioned the first corn ethanol plant in Brazil in 2017. The facility’s expected initial production capacity is 240-million-litre of ethanol annually.

The two plans will have a combined production capacity of 1.2 billion liters of ethanol, 900 thousand tons of corn bran and 35 thousand tons of corn oil per year.

FS Bioenergia CEO Henriqe Ubrig said: “The region of Sorriso and the state of Mato Grosso, as a whole, is extremely important and strategic to the FS Bioenergia and being close to these producers in Sorriso will give us even more enhancement to innovate and continue to produce with the quality that we seek.”

FS Bioenergia is owned by Brazilian agribusiness firm Tapajós Participações and US-based Summit Agricultural.