EirGrid plans to replace Grid West with a smaller-scale development

EirGrid, Ireland’s electricity grid operator, has announced plans to replace the Grid West electricity transmission project with a smaller-scale development.

The Grid West project was proposed in 2012 to connect large amounts of renewable energy to the grid. The decision to replace it was made due to the lower than expected amounts of wind generation in the North Connacht region.

This means renewable generation can now be connected through the development of a lower voltage, 110 kV line carried on poles; not the 220 kV or 400 kV schemes previously proposed under Grid West.

The new project will also reinforce the electricity network, supporting Mayo County Council’s aim to enhance the attractiveness of the county as a place in which to live, work and invest.

EirGrid is continuing technical studies on the project and over the coming months will engage with landowners, communities and stakeholders in the region.  Those affected by the new proposal will have an opportunity to influence the decisions EirGrid makes.

Rosemary Steen, EirGrid Director of External Affairs, said: “Our planning team continually assesses the need to develop the grid and it is clear that as a result of recent review, the Grid West project is no longer required.

“Landowners and communities in the region have been waiting some time for a decision on the Grid West project. We look forward to working in partnership with them to identify the best possible approach in developing robust electricity infrastructure in the region.”