GEH partners with ARC Nuclear to commercialise advanced small modular reactor

GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) has signed a new development agreement with Advanced Reactor Concepts (ARC Nuclear) to develop and license the ARC-100 advanced small modular reactor (aSMR).

Under the arrangement, GEH aims to transfer intellectual property rights related to its PRISM advanced reactor design to ARC Nuclear.

ARC Nuclear will also be able to gain access to GEH’s nuclear infrastructure programmes associated with quality, safety culture, training, processes, procedures, and tools.

In addition, GEH will make a contribution to ARC Nuclear to offer engineering and design expertise.

GEH nuclear plant projects executive vice-president Jon Ball said: “This new agreement recognises that GEH and ARC Nuclear each have significant experience, investment, and intellectual property in sodium fast reactor technology derived from Argonne National Laboratory’s successful EBR-II reactor, which operated for more than 30 years at Idaho Falls, Idaho.”

The latest agreement between GEH and ARC Nuclear follows a collaboration announced in March this year to progress the development of ARC-100 design for the global power generation industry with initial deployment in Canada.

Both the companies are currently working to begin a preliminary regulatory review of the ARC-100 by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission through its Vendor Design Review process.

A joint engineering team from GEH and ARC Nuclear is also working to advance the ARC-100 design.