The Wiseman Company to get Major Solar Carport installed by Sunworks

Sunworks announced a new agreement to install a 370 kilowatt (kW) solar system for The Wiseman Company, a leading commercial real estate holdings firm. The construction site, which is part of The Wiseman Company’s portfolio of nearly a dozen properties, is located in Fairfield, California. The Sunworks solar installation is scheduled for completion in 2017 and is expected to produce nearly 96% of the property’s electricity needs within its first year of operation.

The Wiseman Company is a development, investment and management firm that owns and leases corporate plazas and shopping centers to commercial businesses in Napa, Solano, and Yolo, California. The Wiseman Company has identified the importance of sustainable energy saving solutions to improve its cash flow and support the environmental efforts of local communities in which it operates.

The Sunworks project includes the installation of a “Park N’ Shade” carport structure, which provides a modular installation framework for solar panels while minimizing construction costs and accelerating completion. Sunworks anticipates installing 850 SunPower 435 watt panels partnered with Solectria inverters resulting in a space-saving solar array which reduces The Wiseman Company’s electricity expenses.

Sunworks’ solar power strategies help commercial real estate firms achieve near-zero electricity costs. By offsetting energy expenses, real estate holding firms, such as The Wiseman Company, can re-allocate funds for other strategic and/or operational needs. Sunworks’ team of seasoned construction managers integrate solar panels with unique structural solutions, such as Park N’ Shade, to maximize energy savings while preserving real estate space for the customer.

Sunworks’ Chief Executive Officer Chuck Cargile said, “This innovative, space-saving solution is designed to produce enough energy to be self-sustaining within its first year of operation, providing energy cost savings over the long-term. Our engagement with The Wiseman Company is another example of how we help businesses reduce electricity costs and create savings that can be reinvested in their business.”