Report on Investment Potential of Hydropower in the Balkans

Report on Investment Potential of Hydropower in the Balkans

In the run-up to the International Summit and Exhibition “Hydropower Balkans 2017”, the Intelligence Unit of Vostock Capital, the Organiser, has prepared an extensive report on Investment Potential of the Balkan Hydropower Industry.

A total of 180 experts – the decision-makers of generating companies, regional project operators, top executives of international service-providing companies, as well as investors, regulators, and market consultants – contributed to the study.

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The Balkans is the region with the largest untapped hydropower potential in Europe as its river catchments have remained largely undeveloped, whilehydropower is one of the most important indigenous energy sources for electricity generation, and therefore it is of great strategic importance for the region as a whole. Its theoretical hydropotential is estimated at 80000 GW/h, which is majorly concentrated in the highlands of Albania and Montenegro. Albania derives 98% of its domestically produced electricity from hydropower, Bosnia and Herzegovina 41%, Serbia 30%, and Montenegro 31%. One of the major barriers facing Western Balkan countries in joining the EU is the adoption of environmental and climate policies.So, a total of €24bn will be invested in hydroelectricity of Balkanswith two thousand HPPs to be built by 2025.

The key challenges hindering hydropower industry development, as the research suggests, are finance and investment, lack of innovative solutions, regulatory issues, and operation and control aspects. If these issues are resolved throughcombined efforts of Government, investors and business community, the industry will revolutionizetremendously.


The report also provides:

  • An overview of the most promising investment projects in the region (greenfield and brownfield construction of large and small HPPs)
  • Criteria for the selection of technologies and equipment by HPP operators
  • Statistical overview of the Balkan hydropower market
  • Many other facts, crucial for further industry development in the region

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To recap, the report has been produced in the run-up to the International Summit and Exhibition “Hydropower Balkans 2017” (November 15-17, Montenegro), which will further spotlight the aspects mentioned above and other industry specific issues. “Hydropower Balkans 2017” is a professional platform, bringing together chief ministers, major investors, decision-makers of the leading hydropower plants and investment project initiators, as well as regulators, to consolidate efforts focused on efficiently executing key projects for the construction and reconstruction of HPPs across the Balkan region.

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