Hydropower Balkans 2017

The analytical team of Vostock Capital has prepared a report on investment projects for the construction and modernisation of Hydropower Plants in the Balkan region

A total of 180 experts – the decision-makers of hydropower companies, regional project operators, heads of Russian and foreign service-providing companies took part in the survey.

Request the investment projects report herehttp://www.hydropowerbalkans.com/en/research-report/

The report provides:

  • An overview of the most promising investment projects in the region (greenfield and brownfield construction of large and small HPPs): Shala Cascade, GornjiHorizonti, Sava River Project) and others
  • Criteria for the selection of technologies and equipment by HPP operators
  • Balkan hydropower market analysis
  • Many other facts, crucial for further industry development

Request the investment projects report here: http://www.hydropowerbalkans.com/en/research-report/

This report has been produced in the run-up to the International Summit “Hydropower Balkans 2017” (November 15-17, Montenegro), which will further spotlight these and other investment projects.

Request event brochure:https://www.hydropowerbalkans.com/en/brochure-request/

Contact person: Forum Director Oksana Soboleva
Email:OSoboleva@vostockcapital.com tel. +44 207 394 3090
Official website:http://www.hydropowerbalkans.com/en/