A year in review – decom & used fuel

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A new administration, changing decommissioning models and a potential restart for Yucca Mountain; the US nuclear industry has seen radical change take place over the last 12 months.

Nuclear Energy Insider has updated its annual decommissioning and used fuel ‘market map’ to bring you a comprehensive overview of all the disruptions that have taken place in the last year.

Access the complimentary market map here

You will receive:

  • Insight into evolving decommissioning models: Understand the different decommissioning models being employed by utility companies and the benefits and challenges associated with each
  • Yucca Mountain and Consolidated Interim Storage (CIS) updates: Assess what the recent Yucca news means for CIS and read up on how CIS applications have progressed in the last 12 months
  • Decommissioning and used fuel market overviews: Review the last 12 months of plant shutdowns, licence transfers, contracts awarded and more and what the next 12 months might bring for the industry

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