KNF develops nuclear power plant operational support system

KNF has become the third company in the world that has developed OASIS, its own nuclear power plant reactor core operational support system

KEPCO NF (President Lee Jae-hee) has announced on August 8 that it has been developed its own nuclear power plant operational support system(OASIS, Operational core Analysis and Simulation System).

OASIS is a system that monitors and predicts the operating conditions of nuclear reactors. It has been developed as part of the three-year national project ‘The development of reactor core protection system and reactor core monitoring system’ from 2013 to 2016, led by KNF. The company acquires differentiated source technology and gains national competitiveness by applying new technology to the system that prediction accuracy was improved than other foreign companies’ technologies.

By using OASIS, operators can monitor the conditions of nuclear reactors graphically and if nuclear reactors stop, they can easily take action to secure safety accurately. In addition, when the output of nuclear reactors change, the operators can set up optimal operational strategies with simulation function in advance. So that boosting the safety of nuclear power plants and maximizing the utilization rates are possible.

KEPCO NF plans to proof-test of the new system at nuclear power plants from the second half of this year. The company expects the increase of utilization rate on nuclear power plants and economic effects when 12 Korean standard nuclear power plants use the system in the future.

OASIS has been developed based on core design code system, ASTRA, AsCORE, THALES, that KNF developed independently. KNF has become the third company in the world that has developed its own operational support system after Westinghouse of the U.S. and Areva of France.