Suzlon wins Golden Peacock Eco Innovation Award for S97 120m hybrid tower wind turbine

Pune, Maharashtra: Suzlon Group, one of the leading renewable energy solutions providers in the world, announced that its evolutionary S97 120m 2.1MW wind turbine with an all-steel hybrid tower received the prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2016 in the “Eco- Innovation” category.
The Golden Peacock Eco?Innovation Award is for a product or service, which shows a quantum jump in the exploitation of current technology to achieve maximum customer satisfaction at minimum cost. The award encourages systemic innovation in organization to make cutting edge products and best in class services that are not only environmentally friendly but also offer reliable and affordable power.
The S97 120m is the worlds’ tallest all-steel hybrid tower (120 meter height) design which combines both lattice and tubular structures. It was designed and commissioned primarily to enable harnessing the enhanced availability of wind resources at higher altitudes thus maximizing energy yields in low wind regimes. The combination of lattice and tubular offers enhanced structural stability at lower costs. Thanks to the broad base of the lattice component of the tower, it can support higher load and also reduces the steel requirement apart from being logistic-friendly. The S97 120m has become a preferred choice for customers in India and has already commissioned 134 units, corresponding to a commissioned capacity of 281 MW.