DTE Energy plans to shut down three coal-fired plants in Michigan

US-based DTE Energy intends to close eight of its coal-fired generating units at three sites across Michigan over the coming seven years.

The company plans to shut down the River Rouge, Trenton, and St. Clair facilities in East China Township between 2020 and 2023 as part of an overarching significant transformation of energy production in Michigan.

Last year, the three coal-fired plants together accounted for nearly 25% of the company’s total power generation capacity, which sufficiently supplied 900,000 US households.

Earlier this year, three other coal generating units were closed due to age and estimated future costs.

DTE Energy chairman and CEO Gerry Anderson said: “We will replace 11 aging coal-fired generating units at three facilities built in the 1950s and 1960s with a mix of newer, more modern, and cleaner sources of energy generation such as wind, natural gas, and solar.

“DTE Energy will work with the state of Michigan on a plan, which ensures electric reliability for our 2.2 million customers, places a premium on affordability, and is seamless for our employees and the communities that are home to these plants.”

The company plans to re-employ the people working at these power plants into new roles at several other facilities.

By 2023, DTE has also decided to shut down operations at 11 of its 17 coal-fired generators.