Opening Ceremony held for Wind Farm in Victoria, Australia

The opening ceremony for Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm (total output: 19.8MW), a Eurus Energy investment, was held on April 15 in Victoria, Australia. The ceremony was attended by participants including Mr. Simon Corbell, the Environmental Minister of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Eurus Energy co-invested in the project with the Australian wind farm developer Windlab, which initiated and developed the project. The project is located 250 kilometers northwest of Melbourne and has installed 6 Vestas wind turbine generators, which produce 3.3MW per unit. The project is uniquely characterized with an ownership structure that includes the neighboring landholders.

Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm has been operating commercially since 1 April 2016, and is supported by a 20 year offtake contract with the ACT. This project is the first to reach commercial operation among three projects that were successfully awarded by the first round of the ACT wind auction.

Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm is our second wind project in Australia, and our third in the southern hemisphere.  Our total wind capacity in the southern hemisphere is now 114.3MW.

With most of our assets located in the northern hemisphere, Eurus Energy is keen to expand our business in the southern hemisphere in order to build a globally balanced portfolio. Australia is one of our target markets in this effort.

[Outline of the Coonooer Bridge Wind Farm]

·Location                       : Buloke Shire, Victoria, Australia

                                                                        (Approx. 250km Northwest of Melbourne)

·Generation Capacity                   : 19.8MW (3.3MW x 6 units / Vestas )

·Start of commercial operation       : April 2016

·Capital structure                         : Eurus Energy Holdings Corporation        80.0%

                                                  : Windlab Development                             16.2%

                                                  : Local community                                     3.8%

·Power sold to                   : Australian Capital Territory