ENGlobal wins engineering contract for biomass power project in Europe

ENGlobal has received a contract for basic engineering and design for a biomass power plant located in Europe.

Upon completion, the planned installation would be ranked among the ten largest biomass power facilities globally.

The execution of the Company’s initial scope of work, valued at approximately $2MM, will be led by the Company’s Denver, Colorado engineering office.

This project award highlights and serves to validate ENGlobal’s substantial experience in the development of global biomass combined heat and power projects. The nominal 300 Megawatt complex will incorporate multiple gasification boiler systems to produce steam for use in turbine generators. The eco-friendly design will meet all applicable environmental standards and feature extensive capture and use of waste thermal energy for optimal efficiency. The project will also assist with EU carbon reduction objectives.

“ENGlobal’s resume for the engineering and design of biomass gasification power facilities is among the best in the industry,” said William A. Coskey, P.E., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ENGlobal. “We work diligently with owners to integrate world class technology, thereby optimizing each design. This innovative and significant project allows ENGlobal to continue its delivery of world class and environmentally friendly biomass power facilities.”