Scotrenewables complete deployment of advanced anchoring system at Scottish floating tidal project

Scotrenewables has completed the installation of its modular anchoring system at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney, Scotland, as part of the installation of its SR2000 2MW floating tidal turbine.

Along with McLaughlin & Harvey and Scotmarine, the company has developed modular floating tidal turbines and anchors technology, which can be easily installed and decommissioned at a low cost.

The project was backed by the Scottish government’s Marine Renewables Commercialisation Fund administered by the Carbon Trust.

Scotrenewables CEO Andrew Scott said: “The floating tidal anchors project has demonstrated how inexpensive gravity anchor materials can be utilised, in conjunction with a highly innovative deployment approach towards a low cost anchoring solution for floating tidal installations.”

“The entire anchoring system was fabricated within Orkney and installed using a locally based workboat vessel, further illustrating how this approach can make full use of the local supply chain for tidal energy installations.”

The modular interlocking anchor blocks can be transported to the quaryside and placed on the sea-bed, where they would be picked up for deployment on site using remotely operated lifting equipment mounted on work boats, the company said.

These blocks were transported from McLaughlin & Harvey’s manufacturing site to the tidal test site by Heddle Construction.

McLaughlin & Harvey marine renewables manager Michael McSherry said: “Through collaboration with Scotrenewables, Scotmarine, supported by the MRCF and Invest NI and drawing on our experience of more than ten years of working in the offshore renewables market, McLaughlin & Harvey, along with our designers MMI and RPS and our suppliers, have been able to deliver a cost-effective foundation for the SR2000 tidal turbine, the largest tidal turbine currently being deployed anywhere in the world.

“We look forward to building upon our relationship with Scotrenewables to help progress the offshore renewables sector.”

European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) is the UK’s accredited testing facility that offers developers of wave and tidal energy converters, technologies to generate electricity by harnessing the power of waves and tidal streams with purpose built, accredited open-sea facilities.