Kansai Electric reports radioactive water leak at Takahama nuclear plant in Japan

Kansai Electric Power has identified a leak of radioactive water at its Takahama nuclear plant in Fukui prefecture, Japan.

Nearly 34l of radioactive water spill was found at the plant’s No. 4 unit. This is equal to more than 64,000 becquerels of radioactive waste, rt.com reported.

Located 500km west of Tokyo, Takahama nuclear plant was scheduled to resume operations this month.

However, the leakage has suspended plans for the resumption of the nuclear reactor, which has been idle since July 2011, as reported by the Jordan News Agency.

The operations at the reactor were terminated following an earthquake and tsunami that destroyed the nuclear power plant operated by Tokyo Electric Power.

Kansai Electric Power spokesman was quoted by AFP as saying: “Resumption procedures related to the incident have been suspended as we are still investigating the cause.”

The company said that the reasons for the leakage are being investigated and the leaked water has been cleared.

Kansai Electric recently resumed operations of Takahama No.3 reactor as part of test operations.

Takahama No.3 reactor is the third of its type in the country to restart operations, following stringent safety checks that were imposed after the Fukushima disaster, reported Reuters.