Equinix signs deal to buy renewable energy for its data centres

US based data centre operator Equinix has signed a power purchase agreement with affiliate companies of NextEra Energy Resources and Invenergy, to buy renewable energy for powering its data centres in North America.

Equinix will buy 225MW of wind energy from the wind power plants of two suppliers in Oklahoma and Texas.

Both wind power projects are scheduled to be fully commissioned by the end of 2016.

With the deal, Equinix will be able to meet its goal of using 100% renewable energy in North America by the end of 2016.

Equinix Americas president Karl Strohmeyer said: “As a global data centre leader, with more than 100 facilities across 33 global markets, we truly understand the importance of operating our business in an environmentally sustainable way.

“These projects announced today are two significant milestones toward our commitment of reaching 100% renewable power across all of our data centres throughout the globe, and further solidify Equinix’s position as a leader in data centre sustainability.”

As per the deal, the affiliate of NexEra Energy Resources will supply wind energy from the Rush Springs Renewable Generation Facility in Grady and Stephens Counties, Oklahoma.

Invenergy on the other hand will supply wind energy from the Wake Wind Energy Facility located in Floyd and Crosby Counties, Texas.

NextEra Energy Resources wind development vice president John DiDonato said: “NextEra Energy Resources is pleased to be working with Equinix on this project to help them meet their sustainability goals.

“In addition to helping Equinix, this project will bring significant economic benefits to Stephens and Grady County.”

Earlier this year Equinix had announced a plan to source renewable energy to power all its 105 data centres in 33 markets.

In September, the company had signed a deal with SunEdison to buy 105MW of new solar power for its facilities in California.