Iberdrola signs deal with ASAJA to increase solar PV power usage in Spanish agricultural sector

Spanish Iberdrola has signed an agreement with the Young Farmers’ Agricultural Association (ASAJA) in Madrid to increase generation and use of solar photovoltaic energy in the agricultural sector.

The firms will jointly boost the Smart Solar Iberdrola service to allow customers to generate their own energy for consumption using solar photovoltaic technology.

The partners will conduct feasibility tests to boost the technology for the facilities, members, customers, and other points of supply represented by ASAJA.

ASAJA is a professional agricultural organisation in the country, which is comprised of 200,000 members.

ASAJA members include direct farm workers, including owners and lease-holders, and also families members related to farm activities.

A follow-up committee will be set up for the purpose, which will also deliver, publicise and carry out marketing for the service in this sector.

Smart Solar is a retail product by Iberdrola, which offers design, assembly and commissioning of a fully customised solar installation, besides delivering finance, advice, comprehensive maintenance, management and supervision of the facilities through web tools and innovative applications.

Iberdrola announced in February its intentions to invest for renewable energy sector in Scotland and the UK.