Turboatom delivers condenser for South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant in Ukraine

PJSC Turboatom has manufactured three cases of condenser Б row, consisting of 24 modules for Unit No 2 of the South-Ukrainian nuclear powerplant in Ukraine.

Two cases shipped to NPP and now are under erection; in October 2015 all equipment of the third case will be packed and shipped.

Modules of case of ? row are ready for pipes installation. After pipes installation, welding, dye penetration test of welding and pneumatic testing will be final control assemblage with pipes and provision to customer representatives. Finishing of manufacture planned before the end of this year.

Condenser consists of two rows ? and ? every of them includes three cases; every case includes 8 modules, total 48 modules.

Under Contract concluded in February 2015 for South-Ukrainian NPP “Turboatom” will design, manufacture and supply condenser of block-module type with stainless steel piping system for change of condenser with copper-nickel alloy piping system of turbine ?-1000-60/1500 with capacity 1000 MW. Change of condenser allow unit to work at rated capacity at changing temperature of cooling water and also provide increase of capacity and ensure operation of unit during prolonged life-time.