Solar Frontier to supply additional CIS modules in Netherlands

Solar Frontier Europe, a subsidiary of Solar Frontier, has agreed to supply additional CIS PowerModules to Home-NRG to help meet demand in the Netherlands.

Solar Frontier has already delivered 8MW to the Dutch distributor for 92 different projects this year, ranging from 10 to 150 kWp in size. It is now providing Home-NRG with an additional 2MW, bringing total shipments in 2015 to 10MW. Solar Frontier’s close collaboration with Home-NRG emphasizes its standing among Dutch distributors as a trusted and stable partner, helping them meet high demand for solar energy in the Netherlands.

Home-NRG, an authorized Solar Frontier distributor since October 2013, is an experienced and established provider of small residential and commercial PV solutions in the Netherlands. The company has a large, nationwide installer network so is ideally suited to execute PV projects quickly and broadly. Additionally, Home-NRG uses its own test sites with data monitoring systems, enabling the company to compare different PV technologies under identical conditions.

“Our close and reliable partnership with Solar Frontier is of great benefit to us and our customers. The unique characteristics of their CIS PowerModules are impressive and ensure stable power generation for many years,” said Robert ter Horst, General Manager at Home-NRG. “We are proud to have such a trustworthy partner at our side to fulfill our customers’ needs for high-performance PV modules. Based on this year’s experiences, we are confident that we will be able to install even more CIS solutions in the Netherlands in 2016.”

Approximately 60 percent of all PV installations in the Netherlands are expected to be residential rooftop systems in 2015. Solar Frontier’s CIS PowerModules are proving popular here: their black surface and frame enable them to be aesthetically integrated into the surrounding architecture and environment.