Southern California Edison to buy solar energy from Borrego PV projects

Southern California Edison (SCE) has signed power purchase agreements (PPA) with Borrego Solar Systems for the electricity generated from rooftop wholesale distributed generation (WDG) projects.

Under the 20-year PPAs, SCE will purchase 10MW solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity from WDG projects, which are planned to be built in Southern California, US.

Borrego Solar utility project development vice-president Brian von Moos said: “Covering the rooftops of large industrial warehouses with solar is a great utilization of space, environmental resources, and plays into the distributed benefits of photovoltaics.

“Instead of disturbing pristine land to build new power sources, we can make use of vast amounts of rooftop space where we don’t have to worry about further impacting the environment to deliver clean renewable energy directly where it’s consumed.”

With these projects, Borrego Solar’s portfolio is expected to generate electricity to serve approximately 3,670 homes.

The projects are part of SCE’s fourth solicitation under the solar photovoltaic program (SPVP) for independent power producers.

The five-year program is designed to build rooftop PV projects with a combined capacity of 125MW.

Borrego Solar has already developed four projects with a combined capacity of 7MW, as part of the program.